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16.6.2015, 22:31 PtokaX Mod
Модификация PtokaX от alex82
@ fabelum

[20:28:26] <RoLex> PPK: did you ever talk to some russian guy with nick fabelum on the phone about ptokax? about some 6 exploits in ptokax
[20:28:35] <RoLex> sounds like bullshit to me
[20:31:41] <RoLex> some people say things they dont even understand, lol
[20:34:59] <Uhlik> lol
[21:27:23] <PPK> RoLex: no i don't know that nick
[21:28:33] <RoLex> PPK: and you never talked to anyone on the phone about ptokax? specially with some unknown russian guy
[21:28:58] <PPK> no, never
[21:29:19] <RoLex> ok. ty for information =)
[21:29:20] <Uhlik> PPK: come on, whts your ptokax hotline number? :B
[21:29:26] <RoLex> hahaha
[21:29:37] <PPK> and russians have their own ptokax mod.. and i don't seen anything about exploits in changelog or source

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