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MyDC.ru _ Kорзина _ От: Hexhub

Автор: Maximumz 1.3.2009, 16:56

Уже вышла 5.03 Beta

Автор: Maximumz 10.3.2009, 18:06

Не считайте за флуд, но уже доступна 5.03a ))))

Автор: Setuper 10.3.2009, 18:39

Ну это понятно, что хаб постоянно совершенствуется и выходят всё новые и новые версии, но не постить же о каждом выходе новой версии тут пост. В первом посте указана ссылка, те кто пользуются данным хабом могут сами следить за выходом версий с офф-сайта.

Автор: Maximumz 11.3.2009, 14:11

HeXHub 5.03a

 _EN_HeXHub_5.03aFirewall1.09.zip ( 1.33 мегабайт ) : 15

* corrected: if maximum number of characters is specified in
%[message], it no longer includes HTML tags
* corrected: the character "[" could not be posted in comments unless using a [code] tag
* corrected: the "+" character could not be used in variabiles and
comments because its escaping (%2B) was replaced with a space
* corrected: error while showing %[isp] in MOTD if no ISP was declared
(thanks to RoLex for reporting this error)
* corrected: some bans had an ending pipe in reason
(thanks to RoLex for reporting this error)
* corrected: login cookies were not set if a port was used in address
* corrected: if a browser sent same address as referer, the hub was using
it as return page from its default pages (thanks to RoLex for reporting this error)
* corrected: error while removing items from BBCode stack
(thanks to RoLex for reporting this error)
* corrected: error while testing for forbidden image hosts in [img] tag
(thanks to RoLex for reporting this error)
* corrected: [size], [color] and [font] were expecting spaces and not "="
(thanks to RoLex for reporting this error)
* corrected: unfinished [url] tag truncated the message
(thanks to RoLex for reporting this error)
* corrected: [code] and [quote] were affected by styles set for table borders
* corrected: to enable the "upload limit" edit the dialogbox needed to
be re-opened after checking the upload limit checkbox
(thanks to RoLex for reporting this error)
* corrected: error while parsing POST form data
(thanks to RoLex for reporting this error and for helping with tests)
* added: new options to notify about posting comments in mainchat and in opchat
* added: new option to increase access level of registered users who post comments
after every new post (the user can be upgraded to another profile that has adm0 right and
the access level of the new profile completes an access level range with current profile)
* added: %[date format] and %[time format] for user commands, raw messages
and web macros (requested by RoLex)
* added: new option to disable "DC to web" conversion for extended ASCII characters
(thanks to Stomatolog and RoLex for showing this problem)
* users can change their "reason / comment" field for their account to set a signature
that may be shown in their comments (%[signature])
* web reports can be saved to log
* %[var] has additional verifications to prevent abuse (thanks to Methodman for tests)
* firewall bans are now temp bans using default time set for kicks (requested by RoLex)
* new macros: %[include], %[update], %[kauthor], %[kauthorip],
%[kmsgdate], %[kmsgtime], %[kmessage], %[title], %[link] and %[posts]
* new keyword in %[cdata]: update:key:filename, if this is present the hub
will search and update all %[update]%[/update] and <key></key> labels in
one or more specified files, where a key will match a posted comment or topic.
* posted images that are not in an anchor are linked to their host
* the forbid was updated with new strings (thanks to RoLex)
* the reason field from account information is also used to store user's
signature for comments (thanks to RoLex for testing this new feature)

Автор: SNIKSNIK 21.3.2009, 0:39

мне кажется птота лучше ! Удобнее ит на нее дофигп скриптов feel_good.gif

Автор: Maximumz 21.3.2009, 21:39

Не спорю - удобнее птока, но скрипты и на хекс есть, на вкус и цвет товарища нет ....
Надо ещё уметь настроить, меня этот софт устраивает в полном объёме.

Автор: Maximum 9.4.2011, 11:18

Новая версия - 5.06


if a client sends a tag with a client version that would support extended protocol but without sending $Supports, the tag is considered fake
new option: "Kick bots that send $Quit" (!set cmd ucommands noclientquit , default is on)
new option: "Kick bots that send $Version 1.0091" (!set cmd version nodecimal , default is on)
new option: "Users must get nicklist to be able to search" (!set cmd getnicklist search , default is on)
new option: "Minimum online time to enable searches" (!set cmd search minonlinetime , default is 5 seconds)
new event for plugins: onBadSettings(userId,59) (fake client version)
new event for plugins: onBadSettings(userId,60) (search without $GetNickList)
new event for plugins: onBadSettings(userId,61) (search requests are not yet enabled for this connection)
new right for plugins: broadcast (!set ext %[dll] rights broadcast)
BayTSP search bots get banned in firewall by default
GeoIP information was updated with GeoIPCountryWhois.csv from January 3th

 HeXHub_5.06Firewall1.10.zip ( 1.12 мегабайт ) : 1